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~~~~~A podcast of this blog can be found here as recorded and archived for Goddess Divination podcast at Blog Talk Radio.~~~~~

Welcome to a portal of all things in feminine strength, emotional power, confidence, courage and creativity. We are here to discuss anything and everything that may influence, govern and affect the female mind, body and soul. We are here to tackle issues that may bother and trouble us in mind bogging and physical ways as well as resolutions, challenges and celebrations that we may cherish in victory.

This is not intended to be a feminist corner of all things. I defined it as feminine and female related. This is as I've never been a feminist in life. Though when younger when faced with the concept I had thought I had to be a feminist as I was a woman to defend my side of the sexes. Yet I must say I was lucky enough to not know what I needed to defend it for or against. I say I'm lucky as I haven't experienced any discrimination I must say for just being a female as I lived in one of the modern countries that female rights were already established and protected by law. We were expected to do just about everything as men. For me the only negative circumstances that involved women's hardship is learned from history.

With that I always somehow found myself involved in "men's world". Not as a tomboy per se, but was interested in many men's subjects or which would considered generally to be men's subjects. To clarify I have listened to heavy metal, highly interested and involved in computers, programming and hardware updates, studied taekwondo for many years and also went to become an engineer, a petroleum engineer out of all majors and also achieved a minor in mining engineering and furthered my studies to receive my masters in petroleum engineering as well as computer science with IT. Just to top it all of I also got a graduate degree in Smart Oil technologies. So far if you are wondering what this manly girl doing starting a blog on women's issues, I will clarify.

Yes, I was highly interested many boy stuff from music to technology to high degree studies, I've never lost my girly side either. My vision was not to look like a boy, but to be a girl who pursued what she liked even though they may not be considered very feminine but maintaining a girly lifestyle. I am an only child. I always say that I was both the boy and the girl of the house. If my parents needed help with CD and DVD players, computers fixed and upgraded, modems hooked, internet and software problems resolves and cell phones figured, anything electronic I was called to help. But aside from being a geek for all gadgets electronic, I was also interested in dressing up, make up and dating boys ;)

Due to my profession and main interests I was a girl in a man's world. Later on I developed other girly interests while not giving on the previous ones such as becoming a professional belly dancer and a group exercise instructor. I maintain all of these three professions to this day hand in hand, very lovingly and enjoying every second. That's now how i come into your lives to discuss all and I mean all things feminine from multifaceted perspectives and keeping it, real, fun and constructively positive at all times.

I am looking forward to tackle issues that tickle our minds, burn our souls, rejoice our hearts and swing our hair here now. My vision is to keep this blog alive with social to personal, emotional to kick-ass powerful topics that are intelligently analyzed, soulfully discussed by me and commented by you. I want us to keep the feminine fun flaming while showing the world that we, females, are more than shoes, clothes and makeup. We are creators, emoters, hope-givers and working shoulder to shoulder with men producing and contributing for the world's well-being. Hope you come to give an ear to be inspired, uplifted, empowered and voice your opinions even when you don't agree. To comment back to why I am not and never been a feminist is because I am a gender-equalist. I will advocate equal rights for both women and men; not placing any one of them on top, but side to side. Please join in my thought journey in Goddess Divination!