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Amazon’s First Retail Store: Amazon 4-Star

Amazon just opened a store in New York this morning. This is enabling an offline convenience for Amazon product fans for 4-star and higher rated items of all sorts from electronics, Amazon exclusive toys and board games, cooking, travel, pet, to home essentials. There are special sections for “Trending Around NYC”, “Amazon Basics”, “Most-Wished-For” and “Quirky Gifts”. This is a permanent store approach with 4,000 sq-ft compared to the other kiosks and pop-up shops that Amazon tested in the past.

As a big fan of Amazon myself, I always watch in awe that the aggressive marketing strategies Amazon develops, invents and evolves. They seem to never rest and it eventually shows as success. They know to advertise diversely which eventually will get the customer from one angle or another. There are so many ways to explore Amazon products.

I think this is a very clever idea in boosting sales. Now you can just walk in to discover new items that you may not be able extract in the folds of the online pages of filtering and sorting. This will work well in stealing the customer’s attention in the impulse purchases feeding the retail therapy needs of the general public.

Located at SoHo, a premier shopping area of New York, opening right before the holidays, this retail store is strategically designed for success and that may dictate the future of the new stores opening at different locations of the country. The inventory will rotate every week according to the items that become more popular compared to the others.

While I can’t wish more success for Amazon, this is not for me. So, as a Californian, I am not too jealous yet. I wish the continuation of Amazon’s success as it always saves me time as I don’t have much of it to go to a store and who wouldn’t appreciate that the item you bought simply just comes to you! Also most times even with the shipping, Amazon prices are way better. So, going into a store is not my biggest preference. Lately pretty much the only reason I go to a store is for groceries. That is because Amazon Fresh is not yet available at where I live. This retail store concept will also trigger the impulse purchases for buyers as things will dazzle eyes at a moment’s sight to start that “retail party” in the brain for the instant gratification excitement and you don’t have the option to put it in the cart or save it for later to dwell on it whether you can justify if you need it or not. This will definitely play into Amazon’s benefit in luring the customers’ purchasing temptations. I can comfortably say that I had matured out of impulse, junk, doo-dad purchases compared to my younger years, but American economy thrives on these as most people still go for these type of small but frequent purchases. In this sense I see this store like an “As Seen on TV” type. I have droolingly walked into stores like this in the past and successfully walked out with zero purchases. High five me! No more junk or just because it looks pretty unnecessary nonsense which will collect dust somewhere in the expense of joy that passes in seconds. If I don’t need it, I don’t get it.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of things I need all the time. A lot of times, these are quite specialty or specific items that are not very easy to find in regular stores anyway. Another reason which makes me love Amazon even more. However, since these items are so particular, I don’t see them being popular enough; 4-star or more, to be displayed at even an Amazon retail store. With all this there is one major concern in my mind about this type of Amazon star promoted store. That is what Amazon sellers will do to pump up the start ratings of their products. Sadly, at these times of high tech and software advancements people resort to technological solutions instead of product improvement through industrial evolvement. What I simply mean here is that I am afraid that sellers will hire social media experts and hackers to enter fake 4- and 5-star reviews of their products, so they can be pushed up the popularity scale to be placed in the store. The reliance on the genuine reviews may eventually drop with this type of movement.

CNBC was one of the first who walked in the new store once it opened and took great photos to share:​

BBC’s brief:​

NY Daily News:

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