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No Photoshop Required Bikini Bodies

~~~~~A podcast of this blog can be found here as recorded and archived for Goddess Divination podcast at Blog Talk Radio.~~~~~

I got my inspiration for today’s blog from a news story about how Target won’t be using photoshopped pictures for their bikini collection. So, as I looked, there were some mid-sized models used. Some had rounder belly and hips and some were thin models like we are used to see. And thought to myself how about no women needed photoshop anyway.

So, this movement has been hopefully revolutionizing the media where we have been fooled by looking at fake photos that we thought was the reality. At least I did for quite some time till the truth was revealed. Once the photoshop secret was widely spread, it was devastating to me that all these perfect women that I tried to achieve their status for having beautiful hair, skin and fitness were unreal and maybe unachievable anyway. But hey, at least I tried to strive for the perfection.

What saddens me is that most women I think wanted to sink into the reality that what we see is already unachievable, therefore, demanding media to publish people who looked like them and not like fit models. I see a problem here.

They stated 'We're celebrating women and encouraging them to embrace the beauty of their own bodies.It's our goal to take the stress out of swimsuit season and bring joy back to the beach by providing something for every guest’.

I certainly can appreciate all of that, but taking the stress out for enjoyment and embracing beauty shouldn’t mean discouraging fitness and throwing unfit models out there.

As I am thinking through this I told myself, but there are women who look like perfect bikini models, sports models, fitness models out there. This is achievable and moreover, I know someone who supports them in California and all over the world!

And that’s how I decided to introduce these women and their supportive presenter Lauren Powers to you. She is a celebrity fitness and body building athlete with championship titles under her belt as well as media coverage in magazines, TV, and movies.

So, Lauren was very kind enough to join me today at my podcast in the week leading to her Lauren Powers National Classic competition. These events are hefty organizations. Within all of her busy schedule, I am incredibly ecstatic that I got Lauren at Blog Talk Radio Goddess Divination podcast.

Lauren is the pro of the pros and has been my judge last month at my first ever fitness competition I’ve done called Body of the Universe a part of the Belly Dancer of the Universe annual competition.

As a competitor myself, but with the difference that in belly dance and also being a pro in fitness industry for over 10 years, I’ve been intimidated by bodybuilding fitness competitions forever. Looking at Lauren’s event I see so many fun categories that I’m very surprised to discover and want to talk to her about herself, her journey and the event which sounds like chock-full of fun.

Lauren comes from a fitness background where she naturally had a career in as being a professional skateboarder and a surf instructor in Hawaii owning her own business. Then she became a firefighter, a hefty taking over for a female. There at that point she was told she is not strong enough. That catapulted her into the world of bodybuilding overnight. A year later she was a pro and winning championships. She is the Ms Muscle Beach, Ms Orange County, Ms California State and Jan Tana Champion. She says it wasn’t her that she went to look for being a bodybuilder, but this industry called her in.

After 10 years of competing, celebrated in magazines, TV and movies, Lauren wanted to bring her expertise and support in athletes’ lives with her own shows. I strongly urge you to check them out. Come compete or have a fun filled day like you have never before. In these events, there is expo, food and all fitness related material you can find aside from the competition entertainment itself. Take a look at, and

What Lauren actually puts on stage with these shows is actually not a competition. This is a movement. She offers a bit different atmosphere than other shows. Her judging panel does not include any coaches, therefore, no politics, no corruption. She asks athletes for a bio, so everyone can hear about their journey; thus, humanizing the athlete. As she says herself that she decided to compete not to prove that she is better than anyone else, but she wanted to be better than her own self compared to what she was before. Come to be inspired to become the better version of yourselves!!!!

Lauren now is a promoter for UFC and with WFF (World Fitness Federation) she is hosting world championship in Huntington Beach this winter on Nov 3rd and 4th. Athletes from 30 countries will visit to be on her world class stage on this date. Such an undertaking and an honor for our country.

In her show this weekend there are so many categories that I’ve never imagined. So many of which are pure fun. So, there is nothing intimidating, just feminine camaraderie as it should be. I decided to take advantage of what Lauren Powers is offering this weekend and going to do what I always preach which is to push myself out of the comfort zone and break my limits.

Here are the categories from Lauren Powers National Classic:

  • Teens

  • Men’s / Women’s Bodybuilding

  • Men’s / Women’s Physique

  • Figure

  • Mixed Pairs

  • Fitness / Acrobatics

  • Sport Model

  • Bikini

  • Pin-up Bikini

  • Ink & Ripped

  • Evening Gowns

  • Physically Challenged

  • Bikini

  • Fit Moms

Lauren says it’s not about where you are at now. It’s about where you want to get. And that’s what she does to help women in that journey. Also she will put on a transformation round to celebrate the accomplishments of people who started their fit and healthy journey and lost weight, gained muscle and most importantly reclaimed a healthy lifestyle!!!! Their friends and family can celebrate their amazing transformation. Now this all in itself is something to thank and appreciate Lauren entirely!

Here are the next dates for Lauren’s events in 2018:

  • Summer Classic: July 21, 2018

  • Beach Classic: September 22, 2018

  • Christmas Classic: December 1, 2018

Lauren is also a motivational sought after speaker that she travels all over US and worldwide requested form women’s summits. She is traveling to India next month and to Dallas in July for the near future events speaking engagements.

Here is my main point in bringing you this topic and this inspirational movement. When looking at old pictures of folks from 1950s and older, we rarely see obesity. There was no photoshop then. Everybody looked slim, beautiful, no butt implants, no chest implants, no liposuction. Just an active lifestyle and unprocessed diet. That was it. No rocket science. There was none of that then anyway and you don’t need that now either. As simple as it is.

My call here is to be inspired to workout and eat right to have a no photoshop required bikini body all year round. See these women do it. You can, too!!!!!!!!!!!