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Best Thing You Could Possibly Do For Your Fitness Now

Choose the Fun, Safe, Best for you Way to Be Fit Always

I want to bring one psychological drawback onto the table and turn it into a logical advantage. As a fitness instructor, I have always been in love with group exercise. Sometimes after a class people who wander around in the gym approach me to ask questions about the classes I teach. I give them detailed and exciting information and facts about my classes which I never lose any passion for and never experienced a burn out in over 10 years. After my explanation is listened, they wittily bring on a smirky disapproval and tell me how they need to “get ready” to join the class in the future.

How do you get ready for your fitness exercise? A rhetoric question really. But I heard they need to get “fitter” – meaning building some endurance, so they can withstand the impact we will be working at? Maybe and even if so, what they really talking about is … of course, the big one… lose weight.

Now what is mind boggling is that the fitness class is scheduled and served to everyone, so they can get fit. It is not there for people to get fit on their own outside the class, so they can come to perform their best selves in the class in front of everyone. It is not a drama class, no performance points are scored. Everybody does their own best to get their own results. Everyone should be all so busy with their own selves, that no one is actually worried about someone else’s performance or how it is compared to theirs anyway. That is the main idea behind the group exercise. And of course, I must remind - almost every time - there is no judgement … by me or by others towards others. So, don’t put judgement on yourself either.

There are so many times students come to apologize me after class that they were not good at what we did or they couldn’t do it all. More on this later,but for now, I must repeat, we are there to do our own best on that day. Once we do our own best, no matter what and inevitably, we will improve. Take it in with patience and move on with confidence and assurance. Fitness, at least, is one of the most straightforward things in life. It is governed by physical science. Therefore, the more you put in, the more you get out. The payback is solid. Wish all things in life was that simple, clear and achievable.

So, what are you supposed to do to get ready? Show up. Bring water. Maybe a towel. That’s it. Nothing further. Best to eat lightly or not at all 2 to 4 hours prior for best results. You show up to get fit. Your instructor is there to guide you through all the steps, the whole hour. He or she is trained and equipped with all the knowledge to give you the best experience for the best utilization of your time. You think you can do it on your own? If so, more power to you. Do your own thing in that case. But I’ve advocated Group Fitness for years. For once it is cheaper than personal training. Doing your own sport on your own may not cost much, but then you don’t have much equipment that a classroom provides, the synergy from the camaraderie of all peers in class, the motivation and guidance of the instructor even if you got the drive to do it on your own. Most fitness journeys are cut short due to no support mechanism.

Is it clear to you as much as it is clear to me that the best thing you can do now is to take a fitness class? There is nothing else that is going to elevate you to a fitter, stronger, happier, healthier and lighter version of yourself. Bonus, you have fun and maybe make new friendships. Go sign up for a class now. Whatever chimes your bell, choose and do it. And what’s better, do it with a friend for more fun and accountability! Take the guesswork and injury risk out of the equation and move right forward to the better shape of you. Just remember. Results vary with consistency.

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